Best VPN in China – Top 5 Popular Platforms to Consider

Similar to other countries in Asia, China bans and blocks popular social media platforms, including Facebook, Google, WhatsApp, Tinder, YouTube, and Netflix.

If you’re planning to go to China for work, you might be disappointed that you could not access the apps that have been part of your daily life.

Good news! There are tools to circumvent any blocked sites. Some of the best VPNs in China are highlighted below:

  1. ExpressVPN

Are you searching for the most popular   service in China? Don’t look further than ExpressVPN. Available at a competitive rate, ExpressVPN has been one of the favorites for most ex-pats and Native Chinese for a good reason.

What sets it apart is that ExpressVPN has huge server locations from different parts of the globe. All servers are fast. It allows five simultaneous device connections, making it a good choice for all.

ExpressVPN also provides a responsive and superb chat support. Whether you find something complicated and ambiguous, the company’s customer representatives are just a call away.


  • Expect at least 99.9% uptime.
  • The level of security is at the next level.
  • Designed to work with mobile devices and desktop.
  • It is user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • Torrenting is allowed on VPN servers.


  • Some customers find the VPN costly.
  1. NordVPN

For many years, NordVPN was not available in China. Now, the VPN can be accessed throughout the country.

Similar to ExpressVPN, Nord provides a range of simultaneous connections that’s available at a fair and reasonable price. You can connect devices and phones without inconvenience.

What makes it our second best VPN in China is its capacity to unblock Hulu, Netflix, and other streaming websites.

While you can watch your favorite action movies on Netflix, NordVPN keeps zero logs, making it on top of everyone’s list.

That’s not all! Nord provides unlimited bandwidth for every user with top-grade and cutting-edge encryption standards.


  • The company invests in quality security technology, including anti-DDoS, Tor over VPN, double VPN, and more.
  • It provides an automatic kill switch


  • It requires manual setup for some devices
  1. Surfshark

Just like Nord, Surfshark is now accessible in China since 2019.

In this time of the pandemic, you cannot freely go out to malls and cinemas. But there are ways to stay entertained during COVID-19. Thanks to streaming services.

Unfortunately, you cannot access Netflix, BBC, Hulu, and iPlayer in China as each of these streaming services are blocked.

This is where the best VPN in China comes into play. You can access Netflix and even BBC as easily as possible.

Apart from blocking streaming platforms, you can also get unlimited devices on every subscription.


  • It keeps no logs.
  • Packed with military-grade encryption.
  • It consists of an automatic kill switch.
  • Bandwidth is unlimited, while P2P filesharing is also allowed.
  • The speed is fast, allowing you to download and stream to movies easily.


  • Fewer servers.
  • Each server might be slow sometimes.
  1. VyprVPN

Another feature-packed alternative to consider is VyprVPN. Recognized as one of the few tier-1 VPN networks, VyprVPN owns most of its data centers and servers.

What users love about VyprVPN is speed and uptime. Both are indeed consistent and excellent.

Its Pro version is the go-to subscription package for many ex-pats and Chinese, too. Equipped with a proprietary Chameleon protocol, it guises VPN traffic, making it less vulnerable to deep packet inspection technology.

Over the past few years, VyprVPN has been reputed for providing a good number of locations. Each has multiple servers you cannot afford to miss.


  • They own all of their servers.
  • Developed with advanced encryption and Chameleon protocol.
  • Expect technical support that lasts for 24/7.
  • They accept payments from Alipay.
  • Available with an automatic kill switch.


  • It does not allow torrenting.
  • They only store relatively limited access logs.
  1. Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield won’t be considered one of the best VPNs in China for nothing.

Developed to access social media apps, Hotspot Shield can also unblock websites, news, and other video platforms as effectively as possible.

While it unblocks Netflix, it doesn’t compromise speed. It is extremely convenient to use while saving your time.

It is true that the company has battled with some privacy concerns in the past. But Hotspot Shield never stops taking their clients’ experience to the next level.

Today, their server network is superb. From a limited number of servers, they now have around 3,200 networks and counting.


  • There are plenty of servers you can pick.
  • Decent unblocking ability and speed.
  • It works in different regions of China.
  • The money-back-guarantee lasts for around 45 days.
  • It comes with an automatic kill switch.


  • It doesn’t have Linux support.

What are you waiting for? Add any of these VPNs to your cart today!

Omnivorous Animals

The Kingdom Animalia is composed of different classifications of animals, depending on what food they consume. This made it easier for experts to classify them, as well as their biological information and inputs. One of these classifications is omnivore or omnivorous. Lots of animals are included in this class, and given that, we are going to discuss it more.

Defining Omnivore/Omnivorous

When we say omnivorous, o  it refers to animals that can survive through consuming both animal and plant matter. It is an animal that has the ability to obtain nutrients and energy from both the animal and plant that it consumes. Omnivores digest protein, carbohydrates, fiber, and fat and metabolize the absorbed energy and nutrients. Often, this class also has the ability to incorporate sources of food into their diets such as bacteria, fungi, and algae.

Aside from that, omnivores come from a variety of backgrounds that sophisticatedly and independently evolved through consumption capabilities. Let us put a dog and pig as an example. A dog came from the class of carnivorous, which is consuming meat only. On the other hand, pigs came from the herbivore class, which consumes only plants. Throughout time, both of these animals evolved to become omnivores. Despite that, there are physical characteristics, including the tooth morphology that is used as a reliable indicator of a mammal’s diet. This is what has been observed from the bears’ morphological adaptation.

Under this classification, it still has its own sub-categories, which further classifies the variety of animals according to their feeding behaviors. Frugivores include orangutans, wolves, and maned; Insectivores include pink fairy armadillos and swallows, and Granivores include mice and large ground finches.

All of these mentioned animals are classified as omnivores, yet there are still some that fall into special niches depending on the preferred foods and feeding behavior. Being omnivore provides these animals with better food security, especially during stressful times. This makes their living more effective and efficient than other categories.

Omnivorous Mammals

There lurk different kinds of mammals that scavenge for food in the wild, and almost all of these are classified as omnivores. Below are some of these mammals:

  • Bears
  • Badgers
  • Pigs
  • Civets
  • Coatis
  • Opossums
  • Hedgehogs
  • Sloths
  • Skunks
  • Squirrels
  • Chipmunks
  • Raccoons
  • Rats
  • Mice

Aside from that, Hominidae, including human beings, orangutans, and chimpanzees, is also qualified to be included in this list.

Moreover, most of the bear species are classified as omnivores. However, individual diets can differ from being almost carnivore and herbivore. This depends on the available source of food that can be by season or locality. Also, wolves and their subspecies include coyotes, wolves, dingoes, and dogs that can eat both plant and meat matters. However, there is still a higher percentage of their consumption of meat matter as they are scavengers that need a strong diet.

Above all, omnivores play a large role in the food chain and the whole process within the ecosystem. Each animal and chain has its own role that helps the ecosystem be more effective and sustainable both to the living organisms and human beings.

Best Vocal Training App 2020 and Video Downloader

Apps are among the most wonderful inventions that we enjoy today. They allow you to carry everything you need in your pocket and use them anywhere and anytime you want.

When it comes to improving your vocal techniques, you can rely on the mejores apps para aprender a cantar. While hiring a vocal trainer is a nice idea, these apps are also reliable.

Whether you want to pursue a career in the music industry or singing is simply your passion, the vocal training apps below will help you:

  1. Swiftscales

Swiftscales app is specially designed for people who want a vocal training the comfort of their own space. Unlike audio lessons and other apps, this one can move with you as slow or fast, or as low or high, as needed.


This vocal training app allows you to control each of the sessions passively or in real-time. Interestingly, no need for you to have any musical knowledge. So, as a beginner, you have a great chance to continue improving your talent and skills.

Many professional vocal coaches use Swiftscales warm and train their students with various exercises they already teach. With its cloud sharing capabilities, customization, and flexibility, vocal training is very easy and enjoying,

Maybe you are interested in knowing this android , there are 5 applications all of them free.

  1. Yousician

Are you looking for a fun and fast way to learn and master vocals, piano, ukulele, bass, and guitar? If yes, Yousician is a great app for you,

This app listens to your performance and then provide you instant feedback in terms of timing and accuracy. It is designed by professional music teachers to help singers or music learners improve their overall performance.

You can take advantage of the step-by-step video guides or try the fun gameplay to track your progress while keeping your motivation to learn and practice.

  1. Sing Sharp (now Perfect Pitch)

If you want to learn how to sing by notes while keeping the right pitch, the Sing Sharp is a good choice of app. This app includes exercises, such as vocal, singing, vocal training, ear training, and singing lessons.

Sing Sharp comes with an interface that is easy to navigate, so it will not be difficult for you to have a convenient vocal training. It lets you sing in real-time, then it determines how much notes you hit. You can use the results to correct your singing.

Other than just singing, you can also use this app to record your voice and then listen to it. So, you can monitor your performance and progress.

  1. Vocal Training – Learn to Sing

Are you a beginner singer? If so, the Vocal Training – Learn to Sing app should be part of your daily practice routine. That is because it allows you to sing in unison.

This app is known for its ability to reproduce notes that you need to sing. Since the piano keys are highlighted, it’s a lot easier for you to understand the best way to determine what and how to reproduce.

Using this app, you can keep track of your progress. You can take advantage of different exercises that can help you expand the range of your singing. With the color keywords, it’s possible for you to eliminate mistakes when singing.

  1. Riyaz

With the Riyaz app, you can learn how to sing with the help of various vocal lessons and exercises. It is one of the most preferred apps of many singing aspirants. It helps anyone to learn how to sing.

This app lets you learn and practice with precision. It provides a live feedback, which will guide you in overcoming mistakes. Once you download this app, you can access a number of practice lessons in Indian and Western classical music styles.

Using the smart vocal monitor feature, you can easily determine your mistakes and then fix them later on.

  1. Complete Rhythm Trainer

For sure, you know that rhythm is among the most critical aspects of music. As you start your journey to singing, you need to be proficient with rhythm.

The complete Rhythm Trainer app will help you learn how to read, tap, write, and recognize rhythms, from the simplest to most advanced. This app is designed like a video game for a user-friendly interface. It will help you master rhythm, the easiest and most enjoyable way.

  1. Vox Training

If you are looking for a comprehensive vocal training app, then the Vox Training is ideal for you. You can use this app for different situations such as warm-ups, warm downs, and training.

With Vox Training, you will learn different chest voice workouts and proper techniques for release and vibrato. You can take off the training exercises, where you can choose where you will sing descending or ascending scales.

Final Thoughts

Are you ready to improve your vocals? With the above vocal training apps, there is no way for you not to enhance your overall singing and vocal prowess. Keep learning!

5 Best Shared Web Hosting

Web hosting is an essential tool that can help in advertising and spreading the influence of your websites and other social media accounts. It can attract more potential clients who will patronize the services offered by your website. Also, web hosting opens more doors of opportunities that can help not only in widening the reaches of your website but also to make more room for its improvements in any aspect comprising it. With this demand for high-quality web hosting services, there sparks competition between the competing brands. This makes it hard then for the clients to choose the best and most recommended brand to entrust their web concerns. Good thing, here is the list of 5 best shared web hosting that you can easily choose from.

Best Shared Web Hosting

1. Hostinger

If you are looking for a shared web hosting that gives the best value for money, then Hostinger is what you’ve been looking for. This web host has made its legacy in providing excellent and high-quality web hosting mexico services that served as the bridge for the success of various websites as its previous clients. It has high-quality customer support that helps the clients when they have concerns and further questions with their availed services. Another thing, Hostinger is so easy to use and set up so it will not take a lot of your time to start gaining the benefits of its excellent and proven effective offers.

Below are the characteristics of this web host:

  • Unlimited SSD Storage
  • Guaranteed lowest price
  • Easy to use
  • Automatic backups
  • Best performance
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free domain name
  • Custom website builder
  • Best paired with WordPress

2. SiteGround

If the best customer support is what you look for a web host, then the SiteGround is the one for you. This web host is well-known for its excellent features and way of accommodating each client. It has 24/7 active contact lines that enable any client to reach them any time of the day. Also, it has the best-offered web host features and services that can transform your plans into reality- making success nearer to your reach. Easy yet effective management of a website is possible with SIteGorund, so you shouldn’t miss this out.

Below are the features offered by this web host:

  • Excellent customer accommodation and support
  • Cloud hosting is fully managed
  • Free CloudFare CDN
  • Git integration
  • Iptables firewall
  • Daily backups and notifications

3. GoDaddy

Are you looking for the most popular web host? Well, it is GoDaddy! This web host has been known for years now of its excellent services. It is the web host that gained lots of attention from potential clients from around the world. This is because of its excellent performance when it comes to providing the clients with the best web management services, as well as support and accommodation.

Below are the reasons why this web host is one of the top five shared web hosts today.

  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • DDoS protection
  • 1-click installation of apps
  • 1-click domain setup
  • Free business email
  • 24/7 security and monitoring

4. InterServer

Honesty is one of the most needed virtue to live a good life and relating it to technology. InterServer has it. This web host promotes honesty when it comes to providing clients with excellent services. Compared to other competitors, InterServer offers its services to the clients without requiring them to pay in advance for a yearly service. Instead, they allow their clients to choose the best and appropriate time to pay their services.

Here are the following features of it:

  • Unlimited SSD Storage
  • Guaranteed price lock
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Free website migration
  • ASP net hosting
  • Free SSL Certificate

5. InMotion

If the reliability of offered services is the thing you look for a web host, then InMotion is the catch. This web host offers different excellent services that can help your website grew larger and more successful. It may have lower rank years back then, but this 2020, InMotion is ready to come back again. It was reported that InMotion worked hard in making fine-tuned servers to provide the clients with faster and much more effective web . Below are the features of this web host.

  • Guaranteed 90-days money-back
  • Fast SSD Drives
  • Worldwide servers
  • Free WordPress-based builder

Above all, these are the five best shared web hosting. Considering each of them might work with you and let you climb on the walls.

Dream Host a full Review After Buying Hosting

Dream Host a full Review After Buying Hosting

Dreamhost is a premier hosting company that comes from humble beginnings. The company was founded in 1997 and they have expanded their operations to over 500,000 domains since that time. The company was originally started in California by four individuals that majored in computer science, but it has grown and expanded since then and they now have more than 50 full-time employees working on the staff. This makes them one of the biggest companies in the hosting industry today.

Even though the company has been growing at an alarming rate and relatively quickly, Dreamhost has continued to stay strong in the marketplace. They continue to provide excellent customer service and customer support. And more than anything else, the company is very transparent and they are open about potential problems that they have to solve and they are willing to engage with clients honestly and often.

Overall, Dreamhost, in our opinion, is one of the best hosting companies in the business today. They have a fantastic reputation and a strong customer base which makes them worthy of your time and attention.

Dream Host Web Hosting Features

This highly experienced and well-respected company started out humbly in 1997, but as mentioned, they have been and will continue to add to their customer base. They have a number of different types of hosting available to their customers. Some of the main options include: dedicated servers, cloud hosting, VPS hosting and . They have an option perfect for individuals and business owners alike, and no matter what you’re looking for, they will have a flexible and secure choice for you, the website owner.

The company even provides some excellent features that you will certainly appreciate as a consumer. Those features include:

  • unlimited hosted domain
  • unlimited bandwidth
  • unlimited disk space
  • 97 day money back guarantee
  • 100% uptime guarantee

Clearly, if you’re looking for a hosting plan it’s definitely in your best interest to look no further than Dream Host. They have you covered on all bases.

The best part is that those who are looking for shared hosting can get everything for the low price of $8.95 per month. You get unlimited bandwidth, storage, all of the domains that you can ever desire and 24 hours a day, seven days a week technical support. Plus they offer a free two-week trial period, so nothing comes out of your pocket for the first two weeks and if you like what they offer then you can continue with the company from there on out.

Another excellent thing that we really love about Dream Host is that they continue to provide a personal touch when dealing with customers and their business. They offer a casual and fun newsletter that they send out every month, and customers get treated like people. Forget about becoming just another statistic when doing business with Dreamhost because it’s not going to happen. You are a person and you will be treated as such. That’s a nice thing in today’s Internet business world, right?

Dream Host Shared Web Hosting Plan

The basic dream host plan for shared hosting is exactly what most webmasters are looking for, and the shared hosting package includes:

  • unlimited websites, disk space and bandwidth
  • unlimited email accounts with SMTP and IMAP enabled
  • full SSL and SFTP/FTP support
  • one click install software
  • cPanel control

This package is very affordable at $8.95 per month, but it is on the high-end when compared to other similar packages of this type from other companies. Although one difference is the 100% uptime guarantee that Dream Host offers. They say that your website will never go down, plus you have the option to take a two week free trial before committing to anything. So this will let you evaluate the hosting package to find out if it’s exactly what you need.

VPS Hosting from Dreamhost

If you have a website that gets heavy traffic and needs a lot of dedicated resources, then a virtual private server a.k.a. VPS is definitely going to be right up your alley. This is the best type of hosting option available for those who need to have their own private server partition on a bigger physical server.

Why choose VPS hosting? Well, you get to take advantage of all the great features that come with a dedicated server, but since it’s virtually partitioned on a main server it’s only going to cost you a fraction of what you would normally spend. So if price is a factor – and for many it is and that’s understandably so – then VPS hosting might be the better option for you.

We will explain the dedicated server in greater detail below, so look it over as well to determine which hosting package makes the most sense based on your needs.

Dedicated Servers from Dream Host

This is the type of hosting that webmasters with established websites will require. You’ll be able to tap into maximum speed, flexibility and a whole host of resources. Dedicated server hosting is the premier of available hosting options, and it’s the one way to guarantee that if you have a lot of traffic your website is going to be able to handle it all with a hosting package such as this.

Those with busy websites are going to need as much memory, disk space and CPU as they can get their hands on. The Dreamhost dedicated server hosting package will give you all that and more. And let’s not forget about the awesome customer support available to you as well. So if you ever need any help, somebody will be there to assist you whenever you need it.

Final Thoughts

We really like Dream Host and their hosting packages for a number of different reasons. Some of our favorites include:

  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • one click software installer
  • free domain name
  • 97 day money back guarantee
  • strong reputation in the hosting market
  • solid customer support
  • free two-week trial to evaluate the hosting package

TMD Hosting Review and Coupon Code for 2020

TMD Hosting Review and Coupon Code for 2020

I had some contact from a hosting company called TMD, and while I hadn’t heard of them, I was happy to get the contact and find out they were interested in speaking with me further.

Today, I share my as well as Interview Daisy Dodd, who was speaking on behalf of the company.


Review of TMD Web Hosting Company

For starters, I’ll post my Q & A interview below. Then, you can get my take on the company based on my working experience with them as a customer.

Sign up Link: Visit TMD Hosting.

1) How long have you been in business?

TMDHosting has been founded in 2007. We are in the web hosting business for 9 years already. During

that time we have managed to become a global provider of web hosting services. The company’s

headquarters is based in Orlando. Recently, due to our rapid growth, we opened new offices in Europe.

2) What different types of hosting service do you offer? 

TMDHosting offers different types of web hosting services to fit the needs of our customers and their

online businesses. Our array of services includes shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS, cloud, and

dedicated servers. All web hosting mexico plans are fully managed and designed to meet the specific needs and

requirements of our clients.

We know that starting a website from scratch might be a difficult task, especially for someone who has no

technical knowledge. That is why we offer to all our client free installation of content management

systems and other open source applications, which will help our customers build their websites and run

successful online businesses. We have several hundreds applications from which our customers can

choose, including WordPress, PrestaShop, Social Engine, Boonex Dolphin, OpenCart, Drupal and many

more. Our support team is available 24/7 to assist our customer with application installation and updates

and to answer any other queries they might have.

3) What is your company known for?

TMDHosting has sealed its steady growth through several key factors: exclusive customer service,

innovation technologies, and fair prices. Our top priority is our 24/7 free technical support. The technical

support team consists only of highly skillful professionals, who have many years of prior experience in the

hosting business. They perform a wide range of tasks to meet the needs of our customers: from

application and themes installation through upgrades and SEO optimization to server load balancing and

many more. We have unprecedented response time: up to 15 minutes. Our resolution ranges from 20 to

30 minutes for the majority of the cases. Our support team is dedicated to deliver high quality services

every day and they do succeed in that. You can check this by looking at the happy customers review we

have over the web.

4) How are your prices in comparison with the rest of the web hosting companies out there?

At TMDHosting we have worked hard throughout the years in order to be able to offer our customers high

quality web hosting solutions at an affordable price. As a result, our prices are among the most

competitive in the industry and our services can satisfy even the most demanding customers. Our basic

package costs only $2.85 and includes:

– a fully managed web hosting on SSD drive (including 24/7 free technical support)

– free domain name

– free backups

– unlimited storage and bandwidth

– unlimited number of Sub Domains, FTP Accounts, and Email Accounts;

– SpamExperts , CloudFlare CDN, memcache for free and more.

There is hardly another hosting company in this business that offers so many features and extra services

for such a low flat rate.

5) Anything else you’d like to share with my audience about your company.

This year will be very exciting for TMDHosting. During the past months we have been building a new level

cloud service which will be released in a few months. Furthermore, we are on our way to establish a lot of

new partnerships with open source applications in order to be able to provide our customer with even

better services and application specific packages. We are already preferred hosting providers for Boonex

Dolphin, Drupal, as well as an exclusive provider for Social Engine. Last week we have announced our

latest partnership with PrestaShop. I would advise the readers of to keep an eye on our blog because we have prepared

a great deal of new exciting news for them.

Why the Cheapest VPS isn't Always the Best

Why the Cheapest VPS isn’t Always the Best

Why the Cheapest VPS isn't Always the Best

When it comes to hosting your website for your small business, there are lots of things that you need to consider.

From performance power to security features and more, each hosting service comes with a list of unique options and features.

But one of the biggest things that everyone thinks about when choosing a host is the cost.

Web hosting services can be very expensive. Cheap services with few frills or abilities could be as low as $10 per year. Top options, with tons of security, performance power, backup, and bonus features, could be in the hundreds or even thousands.

For this reason, shopping around to find the best deal on hosting services is a must.


One option that many choose to consider is VPS. The options are often some of the lowest hosting costs available on the web.

What is VPS?

VPS, or Virtual Private Server, is a virtual server hosting option.

Unlike hosting services where clients “rent” space on a server and host their sites there, VPS is a dedicated server.

You could buy and host your own dedicated server to get the same effect. But this is a costly option, and tough to do if you don’t have an advanced knowledge of the technology.

Instead, a VPS does the server building work for you. You get a dedicated server that exists within a shared hosting service, but without having to create it on your own.

Why choose a VPS?

Besides not having to build a server on your own or sharing a host with others, there are many benefits to choosing VPS.

Even the cheapest VPS options, which do have their drawbacks, may be better than other options.

You won’t be responsible for maintenance

If you were to build your own server, you’d be responsible for all maintenance.

If there was a security breach, you’d have to find it and fix it. If a crash occurred, you’d be left searching for the source and finding ways to repair the damage. If your services became outdated or slow, you’d need to find and run updates or upgrades.

But with a VPS, you aren’t responsible for any of that. The owner of the server takes care of all of that.

You’ll enjoy more performance potential

When you buy space on a shared server, you’re also sharing power.

But with a dedicated VPS, you won’t have to share. This means faster upload times and better performance.

You’ll have more options for building your website

If you choose to buy hosting services, you may end up with fewer options for building your website.

For instance, many hosts will only allow you to download certain plugins or run certain operating systems on your site when you host through them.

With a VPS, you can add whatever operating system and software you’d like.

Why is the cheapest VPS not always the best choice?

You wouldn’t buy the cheapest car and assume that it will run as well as a more expensive one. So why should you buy the cheapest VPS?

Saving money on your hosting service can be a great thing.

After all, if you spend less on monthly hosting service, you could invest more money elsewhere. You could add additional security features, new software, and more.

But choosing the cheapest VPS may end up costing you more over time.

That’s because many of the cheapest VPS options are less expensive than other services because they cut corners.

Before you buy the cheapest VPS that you can find, check out these reasons why you should think twice.

No support system

One of the biggest complaints about the cheapest VPS options is that there is no support system.

Even if you are adding your own operating system and software, you may have problems from time to time. Slow speeds or crashes are just a few that you may face.

When these occur, and you determine that something that you did wasn’t what caused them, you’ll need help from the server operator.

If you can’t get help right when the problem occurs, your site may go down. As a result, you could be missing out on traffic and potential sales until you get it up and running again.

The cheapest VPS servers may be so cheap because one person or a small team is running many, many servers. As a result, their time is stretched thin, and you may not get the support that you need when you need it.

An outdated or hard to use control panel

Even though you’re building your own site on a VPS, it still comes with a control panel.

Some of the cheapest VPS options come with outdated or tough to navigate control panels. As a result, you may not be able to do what you’d like to with your new server. Or, it may take you a long time to figure it out.

By investing in something better than the cheapest VPS, you can get a streamlined, better-performing control panel.

No backup services, or irregular backups

One of the most important features of any hosting service is its backup options.

Without backing up your site, if a crash occurs, you could lose everything.

One downside to opting for the cheapest VPS could be a lack of backup options. Or, the owner may not back up sites on a regular basis.

If the owner of a server can’t guarantee regular backup services, think twice before choosing them.

Finding the right VPS for you

Now that you know why the cheapest VPS may be the wrong choice, it’s time to find the right one.

Choosing the right hosting service for your site can be tough. But with reviews of hosting services, it’s much easier.

Reviews will tell you what services a host offers, what its reputation is, how much it costs, and more.

You can then use this information to help you compare and contrast your options to find the right one for you.

If you’re ready to find the perfect service for your website, check out the in-depth reviews and comparisons available at Small Business Web Hosting Reviews today!

How to Tell if You've Outgrown Your Web Host

Your customers aren’t patient. They want pages to load for less than two seconds. If your website is making them wait for around 2 to 10 seconds, this increases your page abandonment rate by 38%.

Every second of delay can cost you 7% reduction in revenue. Worse is 88% of them may not go back to your website anymore because of this bad experience.

Why is this happening? One thing to check in an instant: your web host.

We’ve come up with some information to know if you should change web hosts for your new website.

How to tell if you should ditch your current web host?

Here we’ve come up with different questions you need to ask before going for an upgrade. If the questions below mostly answered yes, it’s time for you to change a hosting plan or a web host.

Is my website slow?

Checking for your website’s load speed is the first thing you need to do in knowing how to tell if you need an upgrade. You can do this by checking in sites that can measure your website’s bandwidth.

Remember, people hate waiting. This isn’t only limited to desktop users, but also for mobile users. So check your website’s performance on all devices.

Is my shared server crowded?

Most businesses will start with shared server hosting because it’s cheap and frees you from doing technical maintenance. But if your small business is growing, your shared server can get you in more trouble.

Other businesses can suck up most of the server’s key resources, weakening new website performance. To solve this, you can look for web hosts using tools to limit client’s access to processing power or go for a dedicated server hosting.

Do I have a bad IP reputation?

When you’re detected sending spam or hosting malware, you can get your IP blacklisted. You know you’re not going to do these, but this can still happen because of the server you’re hosted on.

There can be other clients sharing your server who run insecure applications and outdated software which cause your IP getting blacklisted.

A responsible web host can prevent this trouble through regularly monitoring server software and emails.

Am I getting more page visits?

There’s no problem in choosing a shared hosting service if you get daily visitors below 2000. If you expect or notice the increase in visitor traffic, you’ll need an upgrade to maintain performance on your new website.

Do I always get cyber-attacks?

Check if your site has often crossed into some security issues such as malware and phishing scams. The more you get them, the more you should change your web host as soon as possible.

A reliable hosting provider should have security options such as a secure data center, backup solutions, and regular maintenance to protect a new website.

Is there no available support for my website’s required tools?

There are certain tools and platforms you’ll need to use for your website such as a content management system. If the host can’t provide support for these functions, look for a better one.

Is my host struggling to meet my demands?

In the beginning, you can experience a quick and smooth interaction with your web host. This may change in the following months especially when you start to receive more web traffic.

If the service gets slow to meet your demands, it’s time to go.

Do I always use my host’s scaling option?

When you notice you’re always adding more resources such as bandwidth to keep your website working, upgrade to a plan with more server resources.

Is my business growing?

Whatever the reasons are for this growth – a new business partner, a trending product launch, or a new business location – these changes can indicate that you also need to change your hosting plan.

Are my hosting fees getting expensive?

Expect to spend more as your website grows. Start paying attention when the fees you pay don’t reflect the services and features you used.

There are cases when what was free before becomes the culprit in the unreasonable sum you have to pay. Watch out for these cost increases.

From these questions that help you know how to tell if your new website needs a better host, what’s your conclusion?

Tips on finding the right upgrade for your new website

If you’ve realized you need a change, the search for the better one begins!

What should you do? Read the following tips:

Know what the upgraded nameservers are

When upgrading your hosting plan, don’t forget to check the nameservers. You don’t want to get your account on a new server with its nameservers still connected to the old one.

Unless your domain is hosted on the DNS cluster, you need to renew your nameservers at your domain registrar right away.

Compare configurations

Going to a new host may surprise you if you’re not aware that the server software used will be different.

Compare the features of your old server to the upgrade particularly on the main aspects such as the operating system, control panel, PHP, and the databases (MySQL versions) used.

Choose a web host with a dedicated server

Buying another shared server isn’t the best solution when you can see a significant increase in web traffic.

Look for a reliable customer service

No matter how good a hosting service is, it’s important to see if it has a responsive customer support department.

Check if their support phone numbers are toll-free. Avoid services with customer support lines that always put you on hold because this means they’re often flooded with support requests.

Look also for live chat and support ticket options.

Check your next plan’s billing cycle

You still need to consider what’s fit for your budget. We recommend that you check if your future plan supports monthly, semi-annual, annual or any other available billing cycles.

Choose wisely

Now that you know how to tell if your old host isn’t for your growing website anymore, make sure your new website will have its best performance by choosing the better one for your small business.

Do you already have a name in mind? If you want to be sure you’ve chosen the right one, you can read our in-depth website host reviews.

Web Hosting for Beginners

You know the importance of having a website and want to create one, but have no idea where to start. Or are you confused with all the techy terms?

If you can relate to the statement and question above, you’re not alone! Beginners’ confusions are normal, and that’s why I’ve created this guide: web hosting for beginners.

By the time you finished reading, you’ll feel more confident to finally start creating your website because you’ll know how web hosting works! Let’s dig in.

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a server that hosts a website. That’s it. It’s simply a computer that houses your website.

It works in the same way as your house where you keep your belongings. But in internet talk, you keep all of the data and materials for your website in a web hosting.

It’s simple, right? The confusion many beginners have around how web hosting works can come from how we use the term nowadays.

You see, lately, people say “web hosting” to refer to the companies who provide a hosting service. But of course, they are two entirely different things.

Why Are There so Many Types of Hosting?

This is another common misunderstanding when you’re just starting out. There are only three major types of web hosting, and each of them aims to provide the best solutions for each website’s needs.

  1.  Shared hosting

The majority of websites in the world use this type. Shared hosting means there’s one server (computer) to host several websites.

Due to its nature in shared resources, shared hosting can get incredibly cheap (some companies even go as low as $1/month). It’s also very simple to set up, making it the perfect solution for a small business’s website, a traveling blog, or a writer’s portfolio. Most likely, this is what your site will need.

On the flip side, it can be unsuitable for when your site traffic grows to more than 30K visitors per month. Also, since you share resources with a lot of people, your website performance could be affected by other people’s sites.

  1.  Dedicated server

It refers to when one server is dedicated to hosting one site. This means the website gets all the resources without sharing it with other sites, hence a great performance capacity.

If you guess that it’s much more expensive than shared hosting, you’ve got it right. The price starts from $75/month.

The advantages include an ease of use and a super safe and secure hosting – no hacking problem! What’s more, it can handle big traffics effortlessly – we’re talking 100K+ of visits monthly.

  1.  VPS hosting

This is the most complicated type to understand. First, know that VPS means Virtual Private Server and it’s a cloud-based service. Second, it basically means that you can buy resources as much or as little as you need.

It becomes an attractive option when you want to have an unlimited amount of processor power, RAM, and hard drive spaces.

So the price relies heavily on the resources you use (usually starts at $15 per month). It’s a tailor fitted solution for any type of website, but it can be hard to set up and use, particularly for beginners.

Which Is the Right Hosting Provider for Beginners?

While there are only these three kinds of server, there are many more companies that provide web hosting service. Things get a bit more challenging for beginners now that we’ve explained the basics on how web hosting works.

From the notorious Blue Host to Host Gator with its famous mascot, what should you choose?

It’s something you can only decide by yourself by taking several factors into consideration. Here are some of them:

  • The type of hosting. As we’ve seen before, shared hosting may be sufficient for your needs. Particularly for newbies, shared hosting is great because it’s easy to use and fits perfectly for WordPress or Blogspot.
  • The traffic you’re expecting. The more people visit your website, the bigger bandwidth you’ll need. Don’t worry too much about this at first. If your site grows at a faster rate than what you’ve expected, you can always upgrade your plan.
  • Downtime rate. You’ll want the highest uptime possible, meaning that your website can be online almost all the time. Every hosting company marks their uptime rate on their website, but note that 99% is excellent.
  • Storage space. This is not a huge issue for many sites. For beginners, 20 GB of space is plenty. But if you plan to showcase your HD photos or videos on your website, you may need bigger space.
  • Customer service. Nothing’s more frustrating than not being able to contact anyone when you have troubles with your website. Pick a company who has a reliable, 24/7 customer support!

Hosting is NOT a Domain

We have seen how web hosting works, which is simply keeping your website’s data on a computer. Among the most common sources of confusion for beginners are the difference between a hosting and a domain. We have seen that a web hosting is simply a computer that houses your website. But what is a domain?

A domain is the address of a website that people type in the browser bar. One example is – which you use every day. If your hosting is a house, your domain is its address.

Once you decide on a web hosting company, you will need to register your domain. Here are some pro tips:

  • Choose an easy-to-remember domain name. It can be long, but if it’s catchy, it’ll work. You can also use quirky words or even made-up words. The point is to make your domain name stick to people’s mind.
  • Avoid hyphens or underscores since they only cause troubles when people try to type your address in their browser.
  • Prefer a .com extension. People still tend to type .com every time they want to visit a website. If you cannot have a, a strategy is to tweak the domain name a bit (but not to the point of difficult to remember). If you can’t solve the problem somehow, .net or .co are more and more on the rise.

The Bottom Line on How Web Hosting Works

As you can see, the term web hosting doesn’t refer to companies, but to the computer that keeps your website’s data. While it’s an easy concept to understand, choosing a good web hosting company among hundreds is another story.

We have talked a little bit about picking a hosting provider in the guide above, but you may still have questions boiling in your mind. Ask me anything! Leave a comment below with your question or experience.

If you want to have a one and one talk, that’s fine, too. Use the form of contact here and I promise to get back to you ASAP.

Web Hosting Mistakes: Learning from Experience

Choosing the right web host for your content is a complicated decision to make and it can be easy for website owners set and forget the hosting of their site. While it can be a hassle at times, carefully researching your hosting and re-evaluating from time to time can help minimize your site’s expenses. Below are some common web hosting mistakes that you can avoid by doing your due diligence.

Making the Assumption that Bandwidth is Unlimited

Just like in your cell phone contract, it is important to read the fine print. Unlimited bandwidth on your web hosting plan may not actually be unlimited. There are usually clauses in your plan that say something like “within reasonable use” or similar language. Outside of what the company determines as reasonable use, you may be asked to pay more or leave. Most websites don’t need unlimited bandwidth, so, in reality, few hosts actually offer it.


What was advertised may not be the actual price for the services you are receiving. In many cases, when it looks like you are getting a deal on web hosting services, you are really on getting a deal for the first month, while the price goes up for the rest of your time with the service. Some services will pro-rate the first year and jack up the price for subsequent years. Read the smaller print to make sure you are aware of the actual costs!

Poor Customer Service

You have just set up your website on a service that has sold you a bill of goods and the help they promised is nowhere to be found or incomplete. Now, you are stuck with terrible customer service when you have a major problem with your site. While many hosting services provide around the clock customer support, there is nothing to guarantee the quality of support received. Always check reviews about web hosting services online, to ensure you know what you are getting.

Neglecting to Upgrade

Your site is booming and you are having trouble keeping up with all the traffic, but since you have a plan that worked for you before, you decide to stick with it. This is a mistake! If your site can’t support the traffic it is receiving, you need an upgrade to ensure your clients and visitors don’t have trouble accessing the site. Your hosting company should be able to provide you with information about what type of upgrade you may need. Deals for existing customers should be available and conducting research beforehand is important when determining upgrades to your hosting service. Your hosting company will want to keep you, but look around at comparable plans before buying!


Lacking Research

Doing your research may seem like an obvious necessity, especially when reading about common mistakes, but you would be surprised at the number of people who take the first option shown to them in the web hosting business. Just like any service, there are great, bad, and ugly companies out there, and it is your job to determine the best options for you. Don’t just look at the price of the services provided, look at the TYPE of services provided and how they fit with your needs as a business and website. Everyone is different and certain features may not be applicable to your needs. Also look to see if a service has received awards for going  beyond the call of duty.

In the end, any type of contract with a web hosting company should be properly researched and compared to others in the market. You want to do the same due diligence for your choices as you would expect your customers to do for your business. Pro and Con lists are always my go-to when determining my best options. Don’t let the variety of choices overwhelm you!