Why the Cheapest VPS isn't Always the Best

Why the Cheapest VPS isn’t Always the Best

Why the Cheapest VPS isn't Always the Best

When it comes to hosting your website for your small business, there are lots of things that you need to consider.

From performance power to security features and more, each hosting service comes with a list of unique options and features.

But one of the biggest things that everyone thinks about when choosing a host is the cost.

Web hosting services can be very expensive. Cheap services with few frills or abilities could be as low as $10 per year. Top options, with tons of security, performance power, backup, and bonus features, could be in the hundreds or even thousands.

For this reason, shopping around to find the best deal on hosting services is a must.


One option that many choose to consider is VPS. The options are often some of the lowest hosting costs available on the web.

What is VPS?

VPS, or Virtual Private Server, is a virtual server hosting option.

Unlike hosting services where clients “rent” space on a server and host their sites there, VPS is a dedicated server.

You could buy and host your own dedicated server to get the same effect. But this is a costly option, and tough to do if you don’t have an advanced knowledge of the technology.

Instead, a VPS does the server building work for you. You get a dedicated server that exists within a shared hosting service, but without having to create it on your own.

Why choose a VPS?

Besides not having to build a server on your own or sharing a host with others, there are many benefits to choosing VPS.

Even the cheapest VPS options, which do have their drawbacks, may be better than other options.

You won’t be responsible for maintenance

If you were to build your own server, you’d be responsible for all maintenance.

If there was a security breach, you’d have to find it and fix it. If a crash occurred, you’d be left searching for the source and finding ways to repair the damage. If your services became outdated or slow, you’d need to find and run updates or upgrades.

But with a VPS, you aren’t responsible for any of that. The owner of the server takes care of all of that.

You’ll enjoy more performance potential

When you buy space on a shared server, you’re also sharing power.

But with a dedicated VPS, you won’t have to share. This means faster upload times and better performance.

You’ll have more options for building your website

If you choose to buy hosting services, you may end up with fewer options for building your website.

For instance, many hosts will only allow you to download certain plugins or run certain operating systems on your site when you host through them.

With a VPS, you can add whatever operating system and software you’d like.

Why is the cheapest VPS not always the best choice?

You wouldn’t buy the cheapest car and assume that it will run as well as a more expensive one. So why should you buy the cheapest VPS?

Saving money on your hosting service can be a great thing.

After all, if you spend less on monthly hosting service, you could invest more money elsewhere. You could add additional security features, new software, and more.

But choosing the cheapest VPS may end up costing you more over time.

That’s because many of the cheapest VPS options are less expensive than other services because they cut corners.

Before you buy the cheapest VPS that you can find, check out these reasons why you should think twice.

No support system

One of the biggest complaints about the cheapest VPS options is that there is no support system.

Even if you are adding your own operating system and software, you may have problems from time to time. Slow speeds or crashes are just a few that you may face.

When these occur, and you determine that something that you did wasn’t what caused them, you’ll need help from the server operator.

If you can’t get help right when the problem occurs, your site may go down. As a result, you could be missing out on traffic and potential sales until you get it up and running again.

The cheapest VPS servers may be so cheap because one person or a small team is running many, many servers. As a result, their time is stretched thin, and you may not get the support that you need when you need it.

An outdated or hard to use control panel

Even though you’re building your own site on a VPS, it still comes with a control panel.

Some of the cheapest VPS options come with outdated or tough to navigate control panels. As a result, you may not be able to do what you’d like to with your new server. Or, it may take you a long time to figure it out.

By investing in something better than the cheapest VPS, you can get a streamlined, better-performing control panel.

No backup services, or irregular backups

One of the most important features of any hosting service is its backup options.

Without backing up your site, if a crash occurs, you could lose everything.

One downside to opting for the cheapest VPS could be a lack of backup options. Or, the owner may not back up sites on a regular basis.

If the owner of a server can’t guarantee regular backup services, think twice before choosing them.

Finding the right VPS for you

Now that you know why the cheapest VPS may be the wrong choice, it’s time to find the right one.

Choosing the right hosting service for your site can be tough. But with reviews of hosting services, it’s much easier.

Reviews will tell you what services a host offers, what its reputation is, how much it costs, and more.

You can then use this information to help you compare and contrast your options to find the right one for you.

If you’re ready to find the perfect service for your website, check out the in-depth reviews and comparisons available at Small Business Web Hosting Reviews today!