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Whether you realize it or not, Arvixe, a company that specializes in shared hosting, has existed for the last 13 years. And more importantly, this company has grown steadily throughout this time and is now recognized as one of the best companies in the industry. I’ve always been a fan of their customer service.

Arvixe Web Hosting

By putting together this Arvixe review, I had to make every effort to keep an open mind when discovering information about the company. I had to ignore all of the Internet buzz and ignore some of the other Arvixe reviews and provide information based on my own experience in using them to host a variety of my own personal websites.


By doing this, I had the opportunity to use the hosting platform and thoroughly test it personally.

Let’s dive in and learn more about the company now…

Brief History of Arvixe Hosting Company

In the year 2012, Arvixe had a revenue of $8 million, and just one year later its revenue was already up to $12 million. This is incredible growth as you can tell, and it’s incredibly impressive because roughly half of the business comes from referrals from happy customers like me.

Arvixe Sold to EIG in October 2014

This hosting company was sold in October 2014. I’ve experienced no changes in support since the transition. Business as usual.

Arvixe Hosting Plans

Arvixe hosting has a number of different packages available including VPS, dedicated hosting, reseller hosting and business hosting packages. But not only that, and specifically what we’re talking about in this review, is the personal class plans which are the shared hosting packages.

With those, you have two options to choose from and they are called the Personal Class and Personal Class Pro packages. For the most part, these plans are identical with one major difference… The number of domains that each plan allows. The Personal Class package only allows for six domains or less, whereas the Personal Class Pro hosting plan allows for unlimited domains. Other than that, there are no differences between the two.

Both comprehensive plans offer a number of different features and they have cPanel support. Additionally, you can access Cloudflare one click installer, Ruby on the Rails and RI Soft backups.

The hosting plans also have top-of-the-line hardware, and they include access to Raid 10 SSD drives for database queries. They have DDoS attack response and a firewall for added security. All of the great hardware makes the websites incredibly fast.

Arvixe Cpanel

Thankfully, Arvixe uses the standard c Panel for their control panel. This makes it incredibly easy to use their hosting service, and it’s also very easy to switch hosts if you ever decide to leave this hosting company for one reason or another. Using control Panel is very familiar and the right choice. Arvixe, unlike some of the other hosting companies, did not choose to customize cPanel to their liking. So if you know how to use standard cPanel you’ll be able to operate your hosting service very easily.

They have all of the standard apps and utilities, but there is even an added section called SiteApps that provides further functionality, and they even have SEO and marketing tools.

Arvixe Support

The company boasts a very strong support staff that I’ve found very easy to work with.

In order to thoroughly write a solid Arvixe review, I came up with occasions to test the support services on multiple fronts. Response time took around two hours, and all follow-up questions took about 30 minutes to be answered. This was through email instead of live chat. If I chose to live chat option, I could have gotten an instant response. You could also contact support over the telephone for instant answers as well. They even have available Skype for international customers looking to avoid paying telephone charges.

The support ticket system is simple and easy to figure out. You’ll even receive an email with a link and further relevant information to help try to answer your question. All in all, the support is excellent and I feel very confident that you will like it as well.


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Arvixe Features

All things considered, I didn’t feel like Arvixe offered any especially extravagant features with a serious “wow factor.”

But don’t let that take anything away from the company whatsoever. The one exception that I did really appreciate is the SSD hosting though, so maybe there was a bit of a “wow factor” after all.

One special thing to note that makes Arvixe different than some of the other hosting companies is that they do offer Windows hosting as well as Lennox hosting. They offer Ruby on the Rails and an opportunity to upgrade to VPS hosting or business hosting if you desire.

Finally, a list of some of the other great features includes:

  • Daily Backups
  • Choice of PHP
  • Ruby on the Rails
  • Cloudflare CDN Ready
  • RVSite Builder
  • Git Preinstalled
  • Free Lifetime Domain – Not Just One Year Free
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Cheverato Image Hosting Script for Free
  • and More

Arvixe Uptime

One of the most important things about choosing a hosting company is choosing one that has great uptime. And that’s exactly what you’re going to get when choosing Arvixe.

While the company does not advertise any specific uptime figures, they do guarantee that their uptime is 99.9% of the time. And since they offer the generous 60 day money back guarantee, you have a full two months to find out if they actually live up to that promise by testing it yourself.

I did just that and must admit that I was very impressed with the Arvixe uptime for their servers. I did not experience any major server crashes and my websites were up and running at all times during the 60 day trial.

Overall, I was very impressed with the company. I failed to experience any problems or have any major downtime. I was comfortable having my websites on the servers, and reader reviews on other websites have talked about the same thing. Arvixe has great uptime and until I experience differently, I’m really impressed with their customer service.

Arvixe Speed

Speed is always an important issue when trusting your website with a particular hosting company. That’s why I’ve decided to put Arvixe to the test for you, so that you do not have to do it yourself.

On the whole, I ended up uploading a website to their servers and installing the ThemeForest theme. This is a bloated theme that is often bogged down and very slow at times. At the end of the test, I was very happy with the load times. The website that was uploaded was incredibly fast, and based on speed test results, everything was on the up and up and I was happy with the incredibly quick load time.

Arvixe Value

If you’re on a budget or looking to save as much money as possible, getting the best value from a hosting company is something that is certainly desirable. I’m happy to tell you that you will get much more for your money when choosing Arvixe.

They have a plan that allows you to host up to six websites for only four dollars a month. It doesn’t get much cheaper than that.

As far as SSL certificates go, Arvixe only charges $25 whereas many other hosting companies charge $50 for the exact same thing. So you’re saving money on SSL certificates as well. A dedicated IP only costs two dollars a month, and there are no hidden fees or any other expenses to worry about.

Arvixe Summary

The Pros:

  • Low-cost hosting – as far as budget hosting is concerned, Arvixe is seriously one of our favorites. The incredible performance and SSD hosting make it totally worth it at this incredibly low cost.
  • 60 day money back guarantee – this allows you to try out the hosting company without having to worry about losing any money. If you do not like them, just ask for a refund during your first 60 days and they will honor this deal.
  • Excellent reputation – since the creation of this company, they have acquired an excellent reputation in its 11 years. And there’s no reason to think that it wouldn’t stay that way.
  • Generous resource allocation – as far as budget hosting is concerned, Arvixe has one of the largest resource allocations available today. What does this mean for you? It means that one user is not going to hog all of the resources. They are shared fairly amongst everyone.
  • CPanel – when it comes to hosting, cPanel is the most popular and most widely used and recognized. By Arvixe using cPanel for their control panel, you actually benefit because it’s easy to integrate it with other hosting companies if you ever feel the need. Plus everyone knows cPanel at this point so it’s simple to operate.
  • Free domain – and most importantly to note about this free domain, this is a domain that you will get for your entire lifetime. When most hosting companies give you a free domain, it will expire after one year. Not the free Arvixe domain because it lasts a lifetime.

The Cons:

  • There’s nothing exceptionally wrong with this company – while this is certainly a good thing, it’s also important to recognize that things will pop up every once in a while. I’m not trying to say that Arvixe is infallible. They do make mistakes, but I happen to have not noticed any of them at this point.

Wrapping up my Arvixe Review

There’s no question that Arvixe provides an excellent shared hosting service. They may lack some of the frills of some of the other hosting companies out there, but most importantly this is an incredibly low-cost service that you’ll certainly appreciate.

I feel that Arvixe is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a long-term cheap host, particularly because the servers are incredibly fast and they provide all of the shared hosting users with many resources. You do not have to worry about slow websites or serious downtime when hosting your websites on their servers. After thoroughly testing this hosting company time and time again, I have always been very happy with the overall experience.

Are you looking for an affordable host? If so, then you should not look any further than Arvixe. They really are one of the best in the business for shared hosting plans, mostly because they are incredibly quick and very reliable.

So, the final thing that I wanted to mention is customer feedback. I have read many Arvixe hosting reviews on the Internet and have only read positive things. Customers are very happy with the service just like us, and this proves that they are a host worthy of your time and attention.