Best Vocal Training App 2020 and Video Downloader

Apps are among the most wonderful inventions that we enjoy today. They allow you to carry everything you need in your pocket and use them anywhere and anytime you want.

When it comes to improving your vocal techniques, you can rely on the mejores apps para aprender a cantar. While hiring a vocal trainer is a nice idea, these apps are also reliable.

Whether you want to pursue a career in the music industry or singing is simply your passion, the vocal training apps below will help you:

  1. Swiftscales

Swiftscales app is specially designed for people who want a vocal training the comfort of their own space. Unlike audio lessons and other apps, this one can move with you as slow or fast, or as low or high, as needed.


This vocal training app allows you to control each of the sessions passively or in real-time. Interestingly, no need for you to have any musical knowledge. So, as a beginner, you have a great chance to continue improving your talent and skills.

Many professional vocal coaches use Swiftscales warm and train their students with various exercises they already teach. With its cloud sharing capabilities, customization, and flexibility, vocal training is very easy and enjoying,

Maybe you are interested in knowing this android , there are 5 applications all of them free.

  1. Yousician

Are you looking for a fun and fast way to learn and master vocals, piano, ukulele, bass, and guitar? If yes, Yousician is a great app for you,

This app listens to your performance and then provide you instant feedback in terms of timing and accuracy. It is designed by professional music teachers to help singers or music learners improve their overall performance.

You can take advantage of the step-by-step video guides or try the fun gameplay to track your progress while keeping your motivation to learn and practice.

  1. Sing Sharp (now Perfect Pitch)

If you want to learn how to sing by notes while keeping the right pitch, the Sing Sharp is a good choice of app. This app includes exercises, such as vocal, singing, vocal training, ear training, and singing lessons.

Sing Sharp comes with an interface that is easy to navigate, so it will not be difficult for you to have a convenient vocal training. It lets you sing in real-time, then it determines how much notes you hit. You can use the results to correct your singing.

Other than just singing, you can also use this app to record your voice and then listen to it. So, you can monitor your performance and progress.

  1. Vocal Training – Learn to Sing

Are you a beginner singer? If so, the Vocal Training – Learn to Sing app should be part of your daily practice routine. That is because it allows you to sing in unison.

This app is known for its ability to reproduce notes that you need to sing. Since the piano keys are highlighted, it’s a lot easier for you to understand the best way to determine what and how to reproduce.

Using this app, you can keep track of your progress. You can take advantage of different exercises that can help you expand the range of your singing. With the color keywords, it’s possible for you to eliminate mistakes when singing.

  1. Riyaz

With the Riyaz app, you can learn how to sing with the help of various vocal lessons and exercises. It is one of the most preferred apps of many singing aspirants. It helps anyone to learn how to sing.

This app lets you learn and practice with precision. It provides a live feedback, which will guide you in overcoming mistakes. Once you download this app, you can access a number of practice lessons in Indian and Western classical music styles.

Using the smart vocal monitor feature, you can easily determine your mistakes and then fix them later on.

  1. Complete Rhythm Trainer

For sure, you know that rhythm is among the most critical aspects of music. As you start your journey to singing, you need to be proficient with rhythm.

The complete Rhythm Trainer app will help you learn how to read, tap, write, and recognize rhythms, from the simplest to most advanced. This app is designed like a video game for a user-friendly interface. It will help you master rhythm, the easiest and most enjoyable way.

  1. Vox Training

If you are looking for a comprehensive vocal training app, then the Vox Training is ideal for you. You can use this app for different situations such as warm-ups, warm downs, and training.

With Vox Training, you will learn different chest voice workouts and proper techniques for release and vibrato. You can take off the training exercises, where you can choose where you will sing descending or ascending scales.

Final Thoughts

Are you ready to improve your vocals? With the above vocal training apps, there is no way for you not to enhance your overall singing and vocal prowess. Keep learning!