BlueHost Review and 2020 Coupon Code for Hosting

BlueHost Review and 2020 Coupon Code for Hosting

BlueHost Review and 2020 Coupon Code for Hosting

Bluehost is known in the industry for having high quality shared hosting, but this company is now a household name. Why is that? Well, at one point WordPress gave an incredible endorsement to Bluehost and said that they are the host that they recommend more than any other.

On this page we talked about WordPress hosting. If that is what you seek, you can get a standard shared hosting plan for just $4.95 per month.

BlueHost Coupon Code

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BlueHost Review

When you finish reading this Bluehost review, we recommend taking some time to think about all of the information that you have learned. Do some more personal research on the subject and decide if this is the right hosting company to choose. The more information that you have, the more insight you’ll discover about the features and benefits of choosing a hosting company.

When I first signed up and started my full BlueHost review, I was a little bit uncertain as to what to expect. I have read many negative reviews about this company on some of the most popular websites today. But I finally got around to putting to the test and must admit I was quite pleased and very surprised with the speed and overall service. This respectable company definitely deserves the endorsement that they received from WordPress.

Over the last year, Bluehost has made an effort to expand the various services and plans that it offers. They now have VPS available and dedicated plans as well. What we find most exciting is the Pro plan, which ultimately provides super powered WordPress hosting for a lot less money than you would pay if you were to order a quicker VPS package.  The Pro plan retailing at $19.99 per month is incredibly popular, especially for those looking to improve their reliability and performance at an affordable price.


Here is what stands out to me:

  • Excellent upgrade path – excellent upgrade path, especially with the dedicated servers, VPS and Pro plans. As a matter of fact, they offer one of the cheapest upgrade paths available today and very affordable hosting.
  • WordPress hosting – WordPress has taken the charge up as one of the most popular website and content management software systems available.This is a company recommended by, and it’s very easy to install the WordPress software with just a few clicks of the mouse button through this hosting provider.
  • Open source hosting – a very popular option these days is open source hosting. Many other sites are beginning the use it. Bluehost will provide you with access to many great hosting products through their hosting account. You can access these products with just the click of a button.
  • Unlimited domains – this is very important if you plan to build multiple websites. They allow you to have as many accounts as you desire, and each domain will have its own separate files. This extra feature does not cost anything more to you as a user.
  • E-commerce integration – the company allows you to easily integrate online shopping software directly into your websites. This is great for you as a business owner because it allows you an added level of professionalism and helps to boost the confidence in your buyers when they see your professional website.
  • Excellent support – the support is where they really take the cake. They have incredible hosting support and it’s one of their great areas of pride. Their customer service is second to none in the industry and they have even won awards for providing such incredible support. Everyone has problems and needs help every once in a while, and Bluehost will be there to lend a hand.
  • Integrated Cloudflare – get one click installs of cloudflare directly through cPanel. This makes it easy to install and as you’ll learn this is an excellent feature that helps to improve the speed and efficiency of your website.

Things that we do not like about Bluehost:

  • Must sign up for three years to get the best deal – the company asks its customers to make a serious commitment in order to get the best deal available from them. But it’s also important to note that they are going to be around for a long time, so making a three-year commitment should not be such a big deal to any serious customers. In three years time they will still be around providing great service. And it’s also important to realize that they do offer a money back guarantee that lasts for 30 days. If you are unhappy for any reason receive a full refund within a 30 day period.
  • Customized cPanel – because their cPanel is so highly customized, it will be impossible to transfer cPanel to another host if you decide to leave. Instead of being able to transfer it easily, you will have to move the entire website manually.

Final Verdict: Blue Host Review

All in all, please recognize that has definitely made a name for itself. They are one of the only hosting providers recommended by WordPress and this is an incredible feat to achieve all on its own. But they didn’t get this recommendation by accident. They got it because WordPress considers them an excellent hosting company and they want the world to know this because they want people using WordPress to have a great experience.

More importantly, they have taken it upon themselves to increase the services that they are now offering. Not only do they offer the Pro plan, which is basically a form of supercharged WordPress hosting, but they also have dedicated servers and available VPS servers as well.

I’m happy to say that this is an excellent company. They may cost more money than some of the other hosting providers out there, but the investment is still worth it. And if you decide to stick with the company for three years, you will get their hosting services at a very affordable price.

At the end of the day, I feel that this excellent company deserves an A+ grade.

They provide reliable hosting services to all of their many happy customers. We recommend them wholeheartedly so give them a try at any time. I’m working on a new Bluehost Coupon code you can use to save some money. Stay tuned!