Brinkster Review – Never Returned my Messages – SCAM!!!

So, I signed up for this host in October of 2014 and gave them a shot.

*Find a March 2015 update to this Brinkster review later on in this post.*

I acquired a few new domain names and was all set to get started.

However, when I logged into the account, it was a jumbled mess.

I didn’t understand a lot of what was going on – and immediately thought there had to be some sort of error when I logged in.

So, being confused, I took the following steps:

1) Tried to submit a support ticket.

This didn’t work – the support ticket system was broken.

2) Send an email to support

No reply. Zilch.

3) Call Customer Service.

Couldn’t get anyone on the line.

So, when 30 days went by (I had prepaid for two years of service – if that’s not being a good customer I don’t know what is) I filed a chargeback with my bank.

Still, nobody from their company has reached out yet.

Insane, right?

Well, that’s my Brinkster Hosting review. Perhaps you should read about some of the hosts I enjoy and continue to work with such as SiteGround, Blue Host, or In Motion Web Hosting.

Brinkster Review Update 2015!

So in late March, I finally got this reply from Customer Service. I decided to change the name of the rep because 1) she was just doing her job and 2) I don’t like to out people online.

Dear XXXX,

We received a charge back for your hosting fee charged in your account on “11/10/2014” in the amount of “$256.32”. If this bank dispute was made an error, please contact us within the next 5 business days or the account will be closed for non-payment.



Billing DepartmentBrinkster Communications Corporation
2600 N. Central Avenue, 11th FL
Phoenix, AZ 85004

(480) 388-3757 office

So, if you think there is a Brinkster scam, you are correct. Don’t fall to web hosting scams, learn from my mistake.

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