FatCow Review, Coupon Code, and Website Hosting Analysis

FatCow Review, Coupon Code, and Website Hosting Analysis

My FatCow review shares my experience working with this company. Originally founded in 1998, they started out as a small hosting company looking to provide a shared web hosting solution to small businesses, medium-size businesses and regular website owners operating as an individual. The good thing about FatCow is that they provide affordable solutions and excellent hosting options.

My 2020 FatCow Hosting Review

It’s important to recognize that this company has grown its company with a couple of key tenets in mind… They provide dedicated service, great value and excellent customer support. This is one of the reasons that FatCow stands above the rest.

Another thing to recognize about FatCow is that they have been in business for more than 15 years. The company has survived two of the biggest economic downturns in recent history – the subprime lending mess in 2008 and the dot com bust in early 2000 – and they have still managed to stand strong throughout all of this economic turmoil. That tells us a great deal about this hosting company in and of itself.

Let’s get to know FatCow hosting a little bit better below in this review.

FatCow Hosting Special Discounts

Before we really even get into the nuts and bolts of this hosting review, we wanted to point out that FatCow is notorious for offering special discounts and incredible promotions at random. These random promotions are great for you as a consumer because they help you to save your hard-earned money.

No matter what, even if you sign up during the time when they are not offering a great discount, you are still going to get fantastic service and high quality hosting at an incredibly affordable price. So no matter when you join up with this company, you are going to get the best of the best and do so at a low dollar amount. This is definitely a huge benefit that many business owners and website owners alike can truly appreciate.

FatCow Uptime

Next up on the agenda is server uptime.

Uptime is a crucial and key component to your website longevity and success. If a hosting company has terrible uptime numbers, this ultimately means that your website is not being viewed by your readers and regular visitors. This is bad for a business owner looking to make money selling products and services over the Internet.

Now that we’ve gotten that little disclaimer out of the way…

Based on many years of tracking the uptime of websites hosted with this company, we can say beyond the shadow of a doubt that they have a 99.85% to 99.9% uptime the majority of the time. This is incredibly powerful for website owners that do not want to experience any serious downtime. That can cost you a lot of money that you would rather not lose, so understand that FatCow is definitely a great company as far as uptime is concerned, which should mean everything when it comes to picking a hosting company.

Our Favorite Features and Benefits of FatCow Hosting

At this point, it shouldn’t be difficult to determine that we really do like this company a lot. FatCow has proven time and time again that they are an excellent hosting service. But some of the best things that we like about this company include:

  • Fast servers – the most obvious thing in the world to any website owner is that they want their viewers and readers to be able to go through their website quickly. They want quick load times and no lag time whatsoever, because lag time is going to scare people away and send them on to the next website. With FatCow you have nothing to worry about because they have incredibly fast servers that will have your website moving as quick as lightning. So test it out for yourself and see the power of FatCow hosting.
  • Strong customer support – every once in a while you’re going to run into a problem with your hosting through no fault of your own and you’re going to need the assistance of solid customer support. And that’s precisely what you are going to get when doing business with FatCow. They have very efficient customer support that is ready to help you whenever you need them. You can contact support through live chat, email or phone, and expect a very quick response.
  • Now offering VPS and dedicated servers – while the main focus of FatCow hosting was to offer an awesome shared hosting service, they have now recently branched out back in May 2014 and they are currently offering dedicated servers and VPS hosting packages. As usual with FatCow, they offer these hosting services at an affordable price based on current industry standards. So you still get all of the great things that you love about FatCow plus so much more.
  • The HeiferCratic Oath – this might seem a little bit strange, but FatCow really takes their business very seriously. They provide outstanding after sales service and customer support through online chat, email and telephone. The company is guided by a credo that they follow, and pledge to answer all phone calls within two minutes and intend to resolve each and every hosting issue on first contact. If they cannot resolve it right away, they pledge to provide a timeline so that you know exactly when your hosting issue is going to be fixed. And more than anything else, they pledge to provide decency and courtesy to their customers. That is something sorely lacking in today’s business environment, but FatCow wants to stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Wrapping things up…

At the end of the day, when choosing a hosting company it all comes down to finding one that offers great service at an affordable price. You also need to find a hosting company that provides incredible uptime for the money that you spend since downtime is going to cost you big time in your business.

Since FatCow excels in all of these areas, we wholeheartedly recommend this company to anyone looking for excellent shared hosting, dedicated servers or VPS hosting packages.