Free Web Hosting Can Be the Death Knell of Your Website

Thinking about starting up a website, but worried you’ll summon the death knell doing so?

Many free web host servers promise to kick-start people’s websites at no cost. But you could actually run into more trouble than you bargained for.

By starting up your website with a free web host, you may be doing your website and business more harm than good.

Free web hosting is great for people who want to learn more about managing websites. But if you’re serious about starting up a successful website, then steer clear of free web hosting.

In this article, we’re going to explain why free web hosting can be the death knell of your website.

So why should aspiring owners of successful websites stay away from free web hosts?

Here’s why:

You Won’t Actually Own Your Website

Rule of thumb: If you’re not paying for your website, you don’t actually own it.

It will belong to the free web host.

If you ever want to sell it or transfer the content over to another website, you most likely won’t be able to. Free web host providers make it very difficult for you to sell and transfer your website.

Secret: A lot of free web hosts try to frustrate their users into upgrading with them.

Free web hosts are also likely to shut down. If this happens, they’ll shut down their sites, including yours. Your website is more at risk of disappearing if it’s programmed by a free web host.

That’s why it’s important to thoroughly read their Terms & Conditions. You need to know if the free web host actually claims ownership over your website content.

By the way, how do these free web host providers make money?

They make money by advertising other companies on their websites.

That means they’re free to run any advertisements on your website. You’ll have no control over what they advertise on your website.

And this is a problem if they advertise anything that competes with your website. It looks unprofessional, and it can hinder your website’s credibility.

“Free” Web Domains are Not Actually Free

Most free web host providers promise free domains to their subscribers. But did you know that these “free” web domains are not actually free?

So, what free web hosts are actually offering are subdomains. A subdomain is a subdivision of the free web host running it.

And they’re not the same as domains.

You can spot subdomains right in URLs. If your website’s URL contains the free web host’s name, then you don’t actually have a web domain.

And free web hosts take advantage of this and shamelessly advertise in your URL space.

A domain has “.com”, “.org”, “.net”, etc. Nothing else.

Subdomains simply don’t look as professional as actual domains. Your website’s name won’t seem official, and you’re at the mercy of the free web host.

Should the free web host ever shut down, so will your website (sound the death knell!).

How do you avoid this? Seek out a TLD (top level domain) with a premium provider. Domains are cheap to obtain and easy to customize to your website.

If your website gains more traffic, it can cost less to keep the website running with a premium provider.

Avoid subdomains if you’re serious about making money and creating a well-known website! You can ruin your website’s SEO with a subdomain, and sound its death knell in the process.

Your Search Engine Rankings Will Suffer

Let’s be frank here: Google doesn’t like websites ran by free web hosts.
And that could be a problem, especially if you want your website to have better rankings in Google.

There are many factors that contribute to how Google ranks websites. But one thing is clear, and that’s that Google views free web host providers as lower quality.

You may not be able to optimize your website’s search results even with SEO keywords. If you’re unable to, you’ll have a harder time improving SEO.

You may even find it difficult to implement SEO keywords on your website. If your free web host provider doesn’t like your content, they have the right to remove it.

Free web hosts are also more prone to spam. Google takes this into account when it comes to ranking your website.

If you’re looking to gain viewers to your website by using Google Analytics, this may also be a problem.

You Won’t Be Able to Customize Your Website

Let’s say you wanted to include something like Google Analytics for your website. If you run a website through a free web host, you might not be able to.

Some free web hosts aren’t compatible with Google Analytics. This can seriously hinder your ability to market to your audience.

Most free web hosts also don’t allow plugins for their websites. A lack of plugins prevents your viewers from being able to join your mailing lists and social media.

High traffic websites use plugins. You won’t be able to use them with free web hosts, though.

Plugins are the tools to any successful website. They allow your viewers to connect with you better, and they can make your life as a website owner a lot easier.

If you want a unique design for your website, you’ll probably be out of luck. If you’re running your site on a free web host, forget about having an awesome layout and design for your website.

Themes are limited on free web host providers, so you won’t be able to customize your website and make it stand out.

Space is also limited on websites ran by free web hosts. You may not have space to regularly add content to your website.

Do you expect that your website will grow and that you’ll need to regularly update it with content?

Start your website with a premium provider.

Your Website Will Run Slowly

Bandwidth is extremely limited with free web hosting providers. When free hosted sites gain a lot of traffic, they often shut down. That’s because websites on free web hosts are sharing the same server.

With limited bandwidth, websites run slowly, and viewers get frustrated. When your audience is frustrated, they’re likely to click away and never visit again.

Megabyte storage is also limited, which is why you may not be able to save and upload the content you want to publish.

These models are so limited that heavy traffic websites eventually need to upgrade. But free web hosts can make it difficult to transfer web content over to other premium providers.

If you were to upgrade with the same provider, it could be more costly than with a premium provider.

Free Web Hosting is the Death Knell of Your Site

From the beginning, it’s best to buy a domain with a premium web host. You’ll have higher bandwidth, unlimited space, and complete ownership of your site.

Free web hosting means sketchy security and slow running sites. They’re great for people who want to learn and practice managing websites.

But they’re the death knell for popular and successful websites.

For only a few dollars per month, you can run a website with its own domain, and you can make money in the process.

Choose a reputable and cost-effective web host, and be on your way to owning a booming website!