Hostnine Review – An Affordable Website Hosting Company

Hostnine is a professional website hosting company that shares the same support team, servers and management as A Small Orange, their sister company. Both companies, but in particular Hostnine is a phenomenal hosting company that offers exceptional service at an affordable price. That’s why you can expect to read a very positive review about this company.

To start things off though we will discuss something negative. In the beginning of the first half of 2014, the company did struggle with minor downtime issues. But all of these problems seem to have been resolved, and as of September 2014 the up-time has been impeccable. They have been more reliable than most hosting companies available today.

As far as support goes, they do have a slower response time than some of the other shared hosting companies. It typically takes 15 to 30 minutes to answer support questions. But ultimately, for the price, the support is satisfactory and the assistance has been quite exceptional, and in most cases much better than even expected.

When reviewing hosting companies of this type, we often demand strong support. We often undertake complex projects and always tend to need support with our hosting issues. Please know that Hostnine is always ready and willing to help, and often go far beyond what is expected of them. Ultimately, you can expect great service at an affordable price when doing business with Hostnine.

Hostnine Summary

The things we like most about Hostnine:

    • Satisfactory support – one of the things that we truly like the most about this company is that they provide excellent support, and this is something that we cannot stress enough. Although the support is a little bit slower than some of our other favorite hosting companies, it is excellent and up to par. We found that the support staff goes above and beyond our expectations when answering technical questions. And they even provide great help in complicated areas. This is what we like most about Hostnine because the company really shines with their support.
    • Support by telephone – if you live in the United States, you can receive telephone support from Hostnine as well. But please realize that you have to call during typical office hours in order to speak to a technical representative.
    • Excellent price – the entry-level price at Hostnine for their shared hosting packages is incredibly low-cost. The reliability, support and great features are well worth the cost of entry. Obviously there are some other satisfactory low-cost hosting companies available; so many companies are certainly competitive when it comes to pricing. But most companies falter when it comes to renewing their hosting services after the initial coupon runs out. Hostnine provides low-cost services year after year without a coupon.
    • Reliable hosting – although the company did experience some hiccups early in 2014 as we previously mentioned, for the last five or six months we have had 100% up-time and a great experience. The company is reliable and very trustworthy.
    • CPanel – to access the Hostnine servers, you will do so through standard cPanel. This seems to be the norm at this point, and it’s always in your best interest to go with a hosting company that uses cPanel for its ease and convenience. Plus if you decide to move hosts at a later time having cPanel access will make it simple to accomplish. Lastly, many hosting companies will gladly move your website for you as long as you have cPanel access.
    • Softaculous installer – this is our favorite installer and it makes it very simple to install Joomla!, WordPress and many other scripts. They also have rolling backup functionality for WordPress which is certainly convenient.
    • Money back guarantee for 45 days – this is not the longest money back guarantee that we have come across, but it is certainly enough time to decide if this is the right hosting company to use. If you are unhappy with the service at any time during your first 45 days, contact support and request a refund.
    • 9% up-time guarantee – Hostnine is willing to give one day of credit for every hour that your website experiences downtime. But the hosting is solid so do not expect to actually gain any credit at any time soon.
    • Excellent upgrades – it’s easy to upgrade to a better hosting package at a low price. They have well priced VPS servers if you need them, and excellent hosting packages to choose from if you so desire.

Things we don’t like about Hostnine:

  • The basic plan does not provide a choice of server location – while this is not exactly a negative, it is important to know that you do not get to choose your server location with the basic hosting package. This won’t be a problem if you live in the United States, but if you live in Europe you’ll need to choose the business package which costs more in order to choose the right server location for your needs.

Hostnine Hosting Plans

Hostnine currently offers three different hosting plans. They have the Personal plan, the Business plan and the Enterprise plan.

Final Thoughts about Hostnine

Even though we did have to mention one or two negative things about Hostnine, it’s also important to note that the negatives were all very minor issues. We would not recommend this company to you if we did not feel that they would be able to fulfill your hosting and support needs at an affordable price.

So understand that this hosting is incredibly reliable. The upgrade path is excellent so you can access a VPS or dedicated servers at any time. We haven’t experienced any downtime with the shared servers for over a half a year, and as far as hosting accounts are concerned, this is one of our favorite companies to do business with. And believe us when we say we have tested many hosting companies over the years, and Hostnine is an absolute joy.