IO Zoom Hosting Review and Interview with Company President

IO Zoom Hosting Review and Interview with Company President

1) How long have you been in business?

IO Zoom have been in business since 2015 so we are still fairly new. I was the founder and CEO of

another hosting company called Hosting Zoom that included Reseller Zoom and ModVPS which was

founded in 2004 and was sold to JaguarPC in 2008. My team and I have been in this industry for a very

long time and have many years of experience.

2) What different types of hosting service do you offer?

IO Zoom only offers VPS hosting and it allows us to fully focus on providing the best virtual servers

hosting possible.

3) What is the reason why your company chose to focus on vps hosting?

Customers having the ability to have their own virtual dedicated server at such a low price is a very

attractive hosting solution. Getting your own dedicated resources that isn’t shared and most of the time

does not affect your own website, the ability to configure the server to your specs are great features to

have. As websites grow VPS hosting is a very affordable option to full dedicated servers.

4) How are your prices in comparison with the rest of the web hosting companies out there?

Starting at just $8/month you get 1 GB of memory, 20 GB of SSD disk space, 2000 GB transfer, and we

also include 20 Gbps DDoS protection. Additionally, we backup your VPS to dedicated backup servers for

free and we don’t count that backup space as part of your storage allowance. One of the other great

features we offer is we’ll fully manage your VPS for free if you add on the cpanel control panel. Overall, I

would think we’re one of the most affordable in the industry.

It’s hard to beat prices like that, especially for all that they offer.  The addition of a back up server is a game changer.  Not every small business host will offer that, mind you.

(Review being updated.)