SEMRush : My Expert Opinion With This SEO Tool

SemRush is a top end all in one SEO tool that offers a package of different tools aimed at optimizing a website or blog to gain more exposure from search engines. Today I give you my full SEMRush review as well as show you video demonstration where you can see me using the tool!

Note: not a single day goes by when I don’t use this amazing marketing tool. I use it to spy on competition, research search engine rankings, and do R & D on websites that I find ranking ahead of me in the search engines.

SemRush isn’t software or a downloadable tool. It is only usable over the cloud and must be obtained by paying a fee for one month of use. The software is available through three different and distinct packages that are targeted towards a home user, a free lancer and a business owner.

Depending on whom you are and how much SEO you perform every day, each package offers additional features tailored towards your goals.

Features of SemRush

Let’s take a look at what this seo tool offers and how you can use it to hone in on your competition.

Keyword Research

SemRush is primarily a keyword research and analysis tool. It allows you to get in-depth review of a particular keyword by showing you statistical reports. Alternatively, you can also paste a URL of any website and see what how well that site is doing in terms of keyword.

The keyword research tool can be used in two ways. Number 1, it can be used to analyze your own website’s performance in terms of keyword exposure. Secondly, you can copy and paste a URL of a competing site and see what they are doing with their keyword.

Competition analysis

The online world is filled with hundreds and thousands of internet marketing experts and as well as bloggers and website owners. In order to make your mark in this industry, you need to outmatch your competitors.

Using SemRush, you can easily find out what tactics your competitors are using to rank high in search engines. The competitor analysis report tells you which keywords a competitor is targeting and how well are they doing for that particular keyword.

Backlink tracking

If competitor analysis and keyword research isn’t enough, SemRush also gives you a powerful sub tool that shows you the back linking data of a particular website. Through this, you are able to see anchor text supporting a backlink and as well as where the backlink is coming from. This will help you optimize your own blog for backlinks.

Detailed reports

SemRush is all about analyzing existing websites on the internet. If you are particularly curious about a website and want to know what they are doing to gain that much traffic, you will find SemRush extremely useful. The tool was designed to help you analyze online trends and implement them in your website to make it perform well.

SEMRush Review and Video Tutorial

That concludes my SEMrush review. If you have any questions, please ask me by posting a comment or sending me an email. Join my newsletter to get coupons for this tool (when available) as well as many more marketing tools and hosting companies listed on this website. You may also enjoy this SERP tracking tool, but for different reasons.