So You Want To Be An SEO Guru?

So You Want To Be An SEO Guru?

So You Want To Be An SEO Guru?

Thinking of a ?  Ready to roll up your sleeves and get down to brass tacks?  I’ve done it, and I’m not the most tech savvy person in the world.  If you think I’m joking, you should see my report cards over the years.


Become an SEO God

In this immensely competitive environment there are plenty of bloggers that use black hat activities to attract traffic. Trust me these techniques will only get you banned from the search engines. So there is obviously a safer path which all of you could choose. In this article I will mention some techniques that are relatively easier to implement and will most certainly get you traffic.

    1. There will be numerous books and tutorials that will be available on the internet that guide you about the ways of SEO but what I believe is that you must learn SEO by actually doing it. It also depends on how you are implementing these very ideas. So if you are confused you can try working them practically, then scan the results and focus on how you can achieve better results.

  1. I recommend it personally that a search marketing expert should have strong ties over the internet with various bloggers. You would need to build an exceptionally large network. You should be good at sites like Digg and StumbleUpon etc. as they help you get top quality links.
  2. You should be prepared to take risks. By taking risks I exclusively mean being aggressive not doing something unethical because it will get you banned from search engines. The most preferred as everybody knows is through white hat techniques. They will not get you results overnight but will help you build links at a steady pace and you will most definitely rank out people who are building the same links at a rapid pace.
  3. Lastly you should not rely on a few or a single technique. Always try to use various techniques for SEO even if you are able to produce good results just by using that one technique. There are many ways in which you could implement all of these because if you rely on one tactic, it will give you positive results for a certain period of time but after some time has lapsed you will start to experience negative results from that technique. Besides that if you continue using the same technique for long then you will be caught by search engines and then your technique will not work at all.

Since SEO is not new and everyone is familiar with this there aren’t any secrets left that need to be revealed. So if you really want to be different then you need to be creative!

Of course, there are several courses that teach this.  I’m a member of one of them. It’s pretty intense, but if you want to learn about it, please contact me or join my newsletter. It’s the most intense program out there, and you can become a member of it if you wish.  It’s something that I highly encourage people to tackle if they are serious about their web business.  Sure, you may have stumbled into my site looking for a top web host, but know that over 15 years of online marketing experience I’ve invested in just about every program out there, which led me to make this blog the most intense one on the Internet.